Benefit concert for
Music & Arts Education

Oseta Jolly Primary School is located in Providenciales on the islands of Turks and Caicos. Please join us in changing the lives of hundreds of students.

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MedROCK on TV in Turks & Caicos

How did this come about? While visiting the island in January for vacation, Ken Freirich decided to visit Oseta Jolly Primary School with the intention of doing a random act of kindness. He discovered wonderful people with a desire to provide the best education possible for 500 plus children yet they had little or no budget for music and arts education, which is a rich part of the Caribbean culture. Recognizing the need, Ken provided funding for their music program that resulted in the purchasing of dozens of recorders and other instruments for the children. After his return to the States, Ken received a Thank you letter from the principal and also a video made by the children. In the video, the children sang and performed with drums, the music teacher playing keyboard and one of the students breakdancing. Ken was so moved by this it brought tears of joy to his eyes and to many others who watched the video with him. This motivated Ken to want to do even more.

What is the mission?: On June 29th, Ken, his rock band, MedROCK, and a few volunteers (Danielle and Erika) headed back to the island to further help build the school’s music and arts program. MedROCK is an American rock and roll band whose mission is to bring the world together through music and make it a better place through philanthropy. MedROCK donated their time at the school to provide the children with music lessons and inspiration while the other volunteers lead groups of children in instructional art projects. The band has five members: Chandler Mogel on vocals, Ken Freirich on drums, Mark Warrington and Cliff Barone on guitars and Clint Arent on bass.

MedROCK hosted a benefit concert on Friday, June 30th, to bring together the children, parents and community. To make this happen, Ken decided to fund the concert, so that tickets would not be required to attend, hoping this would encourage hundreds of people to join us for this very special night. We are raising funds in advance for Oseta Jolly’s Music and Arts program, and a check will be presented to the school administration that evening.

Why we need your help: We are raising money to kick start the expenses for vital supplies and instruments that will change the lives of these children by providing them with the tools for a well-rounded education. Please click here to donate.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun!”-Albert Einstein

Enlightening students through music and art has proven to be an essential component in building a stable foundation for a child’s education. Art and music programs provide creative energy, foster lifelong learners, encourage children to express themselves and teach them to think outside of the box; all qualities which are important factors in shaping the lives of students.